What is contracting ?


If you are in need of an all-round, experienced professional to quickly engage in comprehensive projects, a contracting professional will meet those needs in a highly proficient and flexible manner. With their expertise, they are the perfect temporary complement to any workforce, whether they manage the development of a change process, or a specific project, or you are in need of a particular expertise or they need to meet a temporary peak in their sourcing requirement.


Why contracting ?

An organization is a versatile and complicated operation. It’s hard to foresee certain complications and this is where a contract professional becomes very valuable . Their adaptable nature allows them to act spontaneously, quick and direct to unforeseen circumstances. In this resourceful manner, they make a great difference in your workforce.

Are you expecting a temporary increase in workload? Or maybe there are foreseen changes in the market or a specific project that requires certain skills of knowledge? No problem! We are happy to help!

When the time comes, it is vital that you can rely on a partner that understands your reasons for sourcing and can find the right answer to your needs at that moment.



Why Hudson?

Our contract professionals are highly skilled and comprehensively trained. Thanks to our devoted contact with our clients, we can e guarantee that our contractors are always up-to date and up-to-speed in the ever-changing market.

Hudson staff members are meticulously tested and assessed on the necessary competences and skills so that they can assist you in the best and most comprehensive way possible.



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HR Officers Onsite

Our HR Officers Onsite, or HROO, can support you in Recruitment & Selection, Payroll, Legal Support, Compensation and Benefits. But also for your day-to-tasks and General HR Support.

Project Officers Onsite

Our Project Officers Onsite, or POO, can support you in administrative tasks such as inside sales, marketing, supply chain and HR. We also provide personal and management assistants.



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