Interim Management

What is Interim Management ?


Management is challenging in many aspects, whether you are engaged in a family business, a multinational or a department in the public sector. How does an organization cope with the absence or unexpected departure of a member of your management team? How will the extra work be deflected within the teams when they have to take on a new project on top? Hudson has a qualitative solution for every complexity your company might face. Next to ongoing recruitment, talent management, outplacement, compensation & benefits and HR tools, Hudson is also there to provide a strong Interim Management solution.


When to call on Hudson Interim Management ?

  • Crisis management / change management: Hudson mobilizes strong profiles direct and quick to help you handle unexpected situations.
  • Transition management: An Interim Manager can provide the continuity your team needs, so they are not put under extra unnecessary pressure when someone is unexpectedly absent.
  • Increased workload: Of course you’re delighted with that big order, extra investment or growth opportunity, but sometimes you could really do with an extra pair of hands.
  • Project-related tasks: Knowing that you can leave your project with an expert who will deliver on time and within budget, will bring you peace and tranquility.
  • Specific expertise: You can rely on temporary knowledge and expertise from a manager with years of experience.



Four Important Elements of Hudson Power

  • A unique selection process: Hudson distinguishes itself in the market by their commitment to put forward the most optimal candidate who can get to work for you fast.
  • An extensive and active network: Through the years, Hudson has built up a database of more than 4000 freelance Interim Managers. Each interim manager that Hudson engages has been thoroughly screened and interviewed.
  • The Hudson consultant: Our team of carefully selected senior consultants, highly complementary in skill sets and professional backgrounds, have the knowledge and experience to be a true partner for their clients and candidates, during the search process and the assignment.
  • A quality label: We are known in the market for our high standards when it comes to quality.



The Interim Manager


The Interim Manager

  • Can start immediately and has experience in a specific field.
  • Adapts to any company structure and is resistant to stress.
  • Demonstrates his or her return on investment daily.

Domains of Expertise

We have Interim Managers with experience in every department! If you are having issues with a specific problem, just contact us and we will help you find the right solution.



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